Ring Sponsors $25: 

Pick the Judge you want your Elf to sit with and what you want YOUR ELF's sign to say. After the show you take him home.  

Ring 4 ALL WEEKEND $50

FEELING NAUGHTY?  Lumps of Coal  (Really Chocolate Candy) can be purchased anonymously   (Or not!) 

$50 RING SPONSOR -Only one banner per ring! 

$100 Your name in EVERY Ring both days

Ring 2 Rene Knapp & Rob Seliskar 

Ring 1 ALL WEEKEND $50

Ring 3 Barb Kissinger and Stephanie Smith .

Lets fill up the judge tables! 

Has your favorite judge been naughty or nice!  $7 per bag

Ring #1 Marilyn Gregg All weekend 

Ring 4 Clint Knapp & Carol Lawson

Ring 3 ALL WEEKEND $50
Ring 2 ALL WEEKEND $50

Ring 5 David Nudleman & Steve Lawson 

Ring 6 A Sherzer and D Nudelman